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How to Request a Secondary Computer
Entered on 11/29/2011 at 09:40:18 EST (GMT-0500)


If you need a secondary computer for some reason, then follow this procedure.

The following are the terms regarding your responsibilities related to the use of laptop computer, desktop computer or portable device:

You are responsible for the safeguarding of the equipment and controlling its use until its return to the University.

  • The return of the equipment is to be in the same condition as at the time of release.
  • The use of the equipment is ONLY for official state business.
  • Sensitive data (e.g. SSN, credit card #’s, bank account #’s, etc. – Any information specified under FERPA or GLBA) may NOT be stored on portable media or storage device (e.g. laptops, USB stick drives, hard drives, CD’s, DVD’s or tapes). If there is a compelling business need to store sensitive information on the portable media or storage device, you must make the case in writing and only the President can approve this exception. If the storage of sensitive information is approved, that information must be encrypted. The office of information technology will assist with the encryption.
  • You are required to regularly scan the computer for sensitive information. Unauthorized disclosure or exposure of sensitive information may result in disciplinary action consistent with public act no. 08-167.
  • Completion of the HR On-Line Security module #105 must occur prior to checking out or maintaining possession of this equipment.
  • Theft of the equipment must be immediately reported to SCSU’s University Police (203-392-5375), and the local police department where the theft occurred. The theft must also be reported in writing to SCSU’s Inventory Control Office.
  • You are not allowed to make private arrangement to transfer your equipment to another employee. If you no longer need the equipment, you must return the equipment to the IT Help Desk. IT Help Desk will notify the inventory control. Your equipment will be wiped prior to redeployment.
  • All equipment must be present during the department’s annual physical inventory.
  • Should your position or services be terminated or you resign from the University, you are required to return the equipment to IT Help Desk prior to your departure.
  • In addition to these terms, you are also responsible for following all other applicable SCSU policies related to the use of Information Technology.
  • Violation of any of these terms is subject to immediate return of the equipment and/or may also be subject to personal liability and loss of equipment privilege.



  1. Log into MySCSU with your username (see KB article #72759 if you don’t know your username)
  2. Click on the Staff tab.
  3. Choose Auxiliary Equipment Form, which is in the Employee Automated Forms section in the lower right part of the page.
  4. For the Type of Equipment Request, keep in mind:
    1. Personal equipment is to be used by a staff/faculty member in addition to their primary workstation. They will usually be the only person using the equipment.
    2. Departmental/Program equipment would be used in an office with shared equipment or, for example, student workers. Multiple people would be using this machine.
  5. In the new window that opens, fill out the fields. If you are requesting a computer that might be used off campus (i.e. a laptop) then you must fill out the Off campus Address information, otherwise you can ignore that.
  6. Be as specific as possible in the Use & Location field - if you are requesting to keep or replace a computer, provide it’s description and existing bar code number. If there are plans to use special software/hardware with the computer,  provide all details provided by the vendor about their requirements.
  7. When you are done, enter your Department Chair and Vice President email addresses, then click Submit.


Once you submit the application, you should receive an email from the system confirming your request. As the request is approved by the necessary people, you will receive other emails. If you have questions about any delays at this point, contact the person (Department Head or Vice President) that has not yet approved the request.


Until the request is received by OIT staff, we do not have access to your request. When the last approval is submitted, you will receive an email from the OIT Help Desk system indicating that your request has been received by us and is being evaluated by OIT staff. Requests are prioritized based on a“first come, first served approach as well as based on equipment availability.


Further Information:

For more information about OIT Asset Management policies, please see:


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